Welcome to NCGB (North Carolina Ghostbusters)!

Since the time of the Founders, the leylines of paranormal activity has dwindled out of public notice. The events in New York were such a long time ago that many have grown to think the need for ghostbusting is no more, and a joke.

Over the last decade, however, a new and unknown threat has begun to rear its head. Fresh leylines around the world have begun to stir. The Founders formed Ghostbusters International to take on these new and terrifying threats, even though the public may not take them seriously.

North Carolina Ghostbusters (aka NCGB) is such a place where they investigate the strange, unexplained paranormal and supernatural phenomenons. With an old run-down bus station for a base and a team mostly filled with rookies, solving these mysteries will be tough.

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This Sim contains violent themes, strong language, and some sexually explicit moments. You must be 18+ to apply.

22nd Fleet Community Awards

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» NCGB May, 2020 Report

Posted on Tue Jun 2nd, 2020 @ 3:30pm by Captain Ash Shultz in General News

NCGB Monthly Report May, 2020


For our first month, I am pleased to say we have done well! I know with bad weather, the pandemic, and other RL things, the last few weeks have been a bit slow for some of us, and that is OK.

The big positive takeaway is that the community is doing a great job of informing when activity is going to be slow and having a blast chatting and communing on Discord. As well as giving ideas to expand our Ghostbuster mythology.

May, 2020 Stats:

  • - New Crew: 7 (New Sim, So All of us are New)

  • - Post Count: 20

  • - LOA Players: 2

  • - Sim Departures: 0

  • June, 2020 Community Goals:

    I want to preface this by stating that I don’t expect people to have a million saved JPs at any given time. That is, by no means where I’m getting at with what I’m about to say. However…

    I have noticed in the saved JP logs, that I was the only person that had JPs with others. I think some of it contributes to me not giving people a window ICly of where some character development stories can go. So I, as a GM, apologize and will work hard to improve in that area.

    That said, I don’t mind people presetting some stories, ready to go to fill-in story gaps. More so for Mission 2. Mission 1 is going to be really short. It’s all about training and learning the ropes.

    Mission 2 will have a bit of a time jump (about a month or two). So plenty of room for character development and if you like, have a small JP mission with 1-2 others before we dive into the main mission.

    ..Which transitions nicely into all the active players' goal for June - Outside of our mass JPs, if there’s someone you have not JPed with yet on this sim, reach out and find something creative both of you can JP about.

    May, 2020 Awards and Achievements:

    This month, a lot of the posts were world-building. Great posts, but I would have liked to of seen a more varied pool where my characters weren’t in most of them. Mostly because I don’t want to seem biased in who I give accolades to.

    So I do want to go on record by saying, there are a lot of fantastic writers, but I just didn’t feel right nominating writers from a pool where JPs were mostly done with me. So please don't take the lack of writing awards as a negative sign. Next month, I hope to have a better pool to judge from (or others of this community will have nominated you).

    That said… There are a lot of great players here. I love what many of you bring to the community and if I nominated all the ones I appreciate today, there’d likely be no one to nominate next month. So please don't feel like you aren't appreciated. I can assure you that you are. Now... on to the acknowledgments!!!

    Community Excellence Award
    There were 3 people I saw this past month that I felt really stood out in terms of helping to create a nice community. In the end, I felt it best to pick someone this month who has gone beyond what was asked of them and took initiative. Who has done a lot of world-building behind the scenes - though most will not see the fruit of it until later.

    This player has a lot of great ideas I'm eager to infuse into our GB universe. And he's a great person to get an opinion from. While I might not always agree with folks, I do value their opinions. So for all the work they've put in this past month, I am giving the Community Excellence Award to Nick Medhurst!!!

    May's Top Quotes
    For similar reasons as peppered throughout this monthly report, I did not feel right quoting players in JPs done with me. I did not want to seem biased. I also received no nominations by other players, so this month will be left blank, with hope next month, we'll have some nice snarky/funny quotes to celebrate!!!

    To nominate a good quote, just let a Command Staff member know and C/P them the line, what character said it, and what post it came from.

    May, 2020 Closing Remarks

    I have very few regrets this past month, other than what I've admitted earlier in this report, as my personal flaw to work on. Overall I am pleased with the people NCGB has and I'm eager to add on to those numbers. If you know folks that like Ghostbusters, don't hesitate to push them this way.

    As for the NCGB site, our wiki has seen numerous pages added/edited this past month. June, I hope to add more images to the Tour, more pages to the Wiki, and clean up the award images.

    As for our mission progress? I deliberately planned MIssion 1 to be short. So hopefully by the end of June, we'll be ready for Mission 2. For the next missions, we will be introduced to corporate rivals - one of our advisories for Season 1. I don't want to spoil where we're going with them, but there are many good things that will be explored and revealed.

    In closing, thank you everyone for taking this leap of faith with me on a Sim-type that really hasn't been done before on Nova. I know I am a bit rusty as a GM, but I hope as a community, we will all grow stronger as writers and players. :D

    » Grats to Ford!!!

    Posted on Sun May 3rd, 2020 @ 1:20pm by Captain Ash Shultz in General News

    So this has nothing to do with NCGB, and yet everything to do with us. While we are a brand new sim, the fact Ford (AlphaJuliet) is here, we should be lucky to have him as part of our community.

    The first annual 22nd Fleet Awards of the Year was just held, and well... Let's just say if this were the Academy Awards, he won Titanic levels of awards and accolades. He truly is a valued member of 22nd Fleet, and we are honored he chose this Sim to play on.

    Take a bow, Alpha!!! :D

    » Quotables Nominations

    Posted on Sun May 3rd, 2020 @ 1:13pm by Captain Ash Shultz in General News

    What I did with my old sim, was do monthly reports. And part of it was a section devoted to "Quotables".

    I am very much reinstating this tradition here, as it highlights such talented and devoted people of this community.

    So... how this works. You see a quote you like, DM on Discord or PM via Nova, me, or any other member of the Station Command Staff and nominate a quote from one of the other players.

    Ex. Format -

    [ I nominate Jane Doe's character, John Doe, for this line:

    "I've no idea where my pants are... For all I know, my dog is wearing them as a hat." ]

    If the quoted nominations make the final list, they get acknowledged for the previous month, in my monthly report/address. Nominations can occur between the 2nd - 28th of each month. You may also nominate your fellow writers as often as you like during this period of time, but try to limit 1 nomination per person.

    » NCGB's Doors Are Now Open!!!

    Posted on Fri May 1st, 2020 @ 9:50pm by Captain Ash Shultz in General News

    Looking for a Sim that's not your typical Nova RPG? Have a look at our community!!!

    NCGB is a co-operative world-building RPG that uses mostly the first two Ghostbuster films to form the foundation of our Sim's mythology. Added to NCGB's Ghostbuster universe, are:

    Paranormal Psychologist
    Paranormal Anthropologist

    And... Magical Themes

    NCGB deals with the supernatural, of course. But we also study ghosts ICly. If prospective players have any questions, reach out by e-mail or Discord.