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Captain Ash Shultz

Name Ash Shultz

Position Station Chief

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Agendered/Non-Binary
Place of Birth Boone, North Carolina
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 126lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description So far as distinctive markers go, Ash has a cross tattoo on the right side of her neck. She also has an oval face, pale complexion, and is average for her height. While she may be a tad thin, she is also fast and can pull her own weight.

She has enough muscle on her arms and legs to suggest she works out and can take care of herself, but not enough to suggest she’s a bulky, female adonis.

Attire wise, bowties, slacks, and short-sleeve dress shirts are the go-to for looking nice in front of clients and benefactors. Sometimes she’ll wear a jacket if it’s required. Semi-casual, she likes her company polo shirts and khaki cargo pants.

Her Ghostbusters uniform is always buffed and primed - even though that has never been a requirement for the unit. When she has to be presentable, her military background kicks in. But when she is off-duty, she dresses in baggy clothes a lot, choosing to go with comfort.


Father Donald Shultz (73)
Mother Martha Shultz (68)
Other Family - Susan Parsons (64)
- Martin Parsons (62)
- April Parsons (34)
- Justin Parsons (28)

- Dilla (Black/Rust 3-Year Old Dachshund)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Most people would describe Ash as being a bit of a cynic. Dark humor usually doesn’t follow far behind her either.

Due to how her parents treated her Medium gifts as a child, Ash is fairly secretive about that part of her life. She also is highly resentful with her parents and has not spoken with them since graduating high school. And while Ash has run across a few others with her gift, she has always been a skeptic about sharing her secret because of her parents.

Ash does know how to have fun and does whenever the opportunity presents itself. For the most part, however, she focuses on the duties in front of her first. But afterward, she is known to drink and party heavily. Sometimes this has gotten her into trouble with the police.

But the drinking is attributed to her parents silencing her Medium powers with antipsychotic drugs as well. The alcohol allows her to tune out the undead voices since she was never trained to do so on her own.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Detail-Oriented
+ Hand-to-Hand Expert
+ Decisive

+/- Uses Work to Avoid Emotional Pain

- Mild Alcoholic
- Holds Grudges
- Takes Mission Failures Personal
Ambitions Ash is not an ambitious person. For the moment, she has a job she is content with. However, at some point, having a family may enter her mind with the right person.
Hobbies & Interests Kickboxing, MMA, playing drums, listening to alternative/indy music, hitting a gun range, and playing with her dog.

Personal History From the earliest memories, Ash could recall she was different. As an only child, she had “Imaginary Friends” that were constant. Many children in her preschool playgroups thought this strange and almost all of them ostracized her for it.

It was not until she was about six that Ash realized she had been communing with ghosts. Even then, she had no idea what any of it meant. On top of all this, her parents thought she needed antipsychotic medication and pushed her to a shrink the moment she began to insist that ghosts talked to her.

Boone, NC was a progressive college town, but still. No one was willing to entertain the notion of a child that talked to the dead. So Ash learned early on never to speak of this gift again. However, the events of New York were still fresh. A few ghostbusters even made trips to North Carolina to assess the paranormal leylines when she was about eight.

As the years grew further away from New York’s paranormal events, however, the population of the US at least began to think their worries were over. And maybe that was true for a time. So naturally, her parents thought their kid was insane.

In order to get off the antipsychotic medication, Ash got into sports at age 10 and talked about that constantly. Soccer was what she delved most into and made her parents proud when she made the County U12 league.

By fifteen, Ash had also figured out who she was. She changed her birth name to, “Ash” and moved out of her parents’ home. Proclaiming she was gender non-binary confused her parents and angered her father, especially. So… Ash, moved in with her best friend April and her family, where she was supported and loved for being herself.

Through high school, Ash spent all four years in the AFJROTC program and became the Company XO senior year, as well as a percussionist in the marching band. She had also buckled down hard in her studies and did well enough in high school soccer as the team’s keeper, that she won a scholarship to Texas A&M, as well as was accepted into the Texas A&M Navy ROTC program.

Ash’s career in the Navy did not last very long. In the end, even though she enjoyed being a MWD handler and planning VIP security details at her various postings, she just did not feel quite right with her career. She felt a purpose was still not being filled.

The ghosts still talked to her, which bothered her, as much as she tried to block it from memory. Until one day she came across an advert while serving at the Pentagon. There was a Ghostbusters station in the DC area.

Many times, while off-duty, she found herself meeting and getting to know the ghostbusters of Philadelphia. One of the senior busters at the time, Bishop Hooks, eventually talked Ash into making the career change.

So, once her Navy contract ended, she made the switch and Bishop helped her integrate. All the while, he never pressured Ash about her intuitions about a few ghosts they investigated. Ash got to be a pretty good paranormal combatant too.

When Bishop was named the station chief, it was only natural she became his chief paranormal combatant specialist. And while most of the cases revolved around old New England battlegrounds of the Revolutionary War, there weren’t a lot of cases to grab the attention of the public.

Far from it. In D.C.? The coverups were common. Especially when the government asked for the ghostbusters’ help. They did not want to stir the hysteria that New York had once been in, in the time of Gozer.

Now that Ghostbusters International is expanding due to increased leyline activity, Bishop was promoted Commissioner of the New England Taskforce, Moonlight. His last act as Philadelphia Station Chief was to put Ash in for promotion to Station Chief of the new Raleigh station. Though being back in North Carolina was never the plan. For now, Ash makes the best of things with this new chapter of her life.
Education * High School Diploma, Watauga High School, NC - June 9th, 2004

* Texas A&M NROTC - May 16th, 2008

* Bachelors in Criminal Justice, Texas A&M - May 16th, 2008

* K-9 Handler’s School - Lackland Air Force Base, Texas - September, 3rd, 2009

* Basic Paranormal Combatant Training - October 15th, 2014
Employment Record April 24th, 2002 - May 3rd, 2004 - Waitress, Don’s Steak and Burgers

May 16th, 2008 - July 7th, 2014 - US Navy, Security Forces

August 2nd, 2014 - Present - Ghostbusters International