Rules of NCGB are simple...

1) Respect Each Other
2) Post a minimum of 2x a Month
3) Follow All Guidelines of 22nd Fleet.
4) If you cannot post or tag for more than a week, please put an LOA/ELOA status up.
5) Be 18 or Older to Apply

NCGB uses a 3-Strike Rule for everything, but some offenses can yield instant bans on the first strike. We ask if issues are there, first, respectfully talk to the person in question and tell them how you feel (don't accuse people of things, as that escalates).

If you find that the problem cannot be resolved by all involved parties, THEN talk to the command staff so as we can help you fix the issue before it becomes a bigger problem.

This is a "No Drama Llama Zone". This means ultimately if one person is at the center of drama and this is a continuing pattern, that person will be removed to protect the integrity of the Sim's community.