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Quotables Nominations

Posted on Sun May 3rd, 2020 @ 1:13pm by Captain Ash Shultz

What I did with my old sim, was do monthly reports. And part of it was a section devoted to "Quotables".

I am very much reinstating this tradition here, as it highlights such talented and devoted people of this community.

So... how this works. You see a quote you like, DM on Discord or PM via Nova, me, or any other member of the Station Command Staff and nominate a quote from one of the other players.

Ex. Format -

[ I nominate Jane Doe's character, John Doe, for this line:

"I've no idea where my pants are... For all I know, my dog is wearing them as a hat." ]

If the quoted nominations make the final list, they get acknowledged for the previous month, in my monthly report/address. Nominations can occur between the 2nd - 28th of each month. You may also nominate your fellow writers as often as you like during this period of time, but try to limit 1 nomination per person.


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