The Sim

IC Information About NCGB

NCGB Concept
NCGB is the first phase of Taskforce Spectre, which is part of Ghostbusters International. Taskforce Spectre and all other Ghostbuster units forming, were approved by The Founders. We will never play with them ICly, but The Founders are the original 4 Ghostbusters.

Our station is in Raleigh, NC, and covers NC's surrounding states, but mostly NC itself. Taskforce Spectre will eventually be comprised of multiple GB stations of the Southern East Coast of the US. Their mission is to come together in mass, should any strong paranormal leylines become too unstable for any single GB station to handle.

Veteran GB Backgrounds
ICly, only the supervisors (Command Staff) and a few others will be given higher GB Levels (Rank). This is to keep in-line with being a new posting.

So those that want to create a veteran ghostbuster bio, there are 2 GB Stations in New York City (Manhattan and Bronx). The other one is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

However, it is strongly suggested most players be willing to come in as Trainees, because.. well... it's fun to screw up before you become awesome. And we are meant to be a comedic Sim, as the spirit of Ghostbusters always is.

OOC Information About the Sim

NCGB is largely based on the first two original movies. Ideas and themes from the cartoon, games, and comics are encouraged too. Even aesthetics of the 2016 film.

No matter if you're an old fan or a 2016 fan, this RPG aims to expand on the mythology used from the first two films. All the while, we want to provide players an open gameboard and maybe the possibility of sister sims.

We do not discriminate for which iteration of GB you like, only that you're willing and eager to help create a GB RPG universe worthy of the franchise!